Pes 2021 Immersion Mod 2.0 +250 cutscenes By Durandil PES

Pes 2021 Immersion Mod 2.0 +250 cutscenes By Durandil PES

[ Features ]
More than 250 edited cutscenes, including new animations and camera modifications!

* A lot of new cutscenes for Master League mode: They will also change from season to season!

* New cutscenes for Become A Legend mode: Includes scenes with the coach/staff in the lockeroom before a derby match!

* New environments - Included new meetings rooms and new animations in the news menu (for ML/BL)

* New coach animations for Master League during matches!

* New goal celebrations + camera angles!

* New edited cutscenes in match (fouls/substitutions/timeup) 

New camera angles for hundreds of cutscenes - before, during & after the matches!

[ read before installing this mod ]

* This mod is only compatible with efootball PES2021 PC Version and uses Data Pack 4.0 (02/04/21)

* You must have the sider mod installed for this mod to work properly.

* The mod has been tested several times which never crashed the game. Some minor bugs may however occur and a issue list is available below.

* Be sure to follow the instructions below to properly install the mod. It has not currently been tested with any other mod or patch.

[ How to install ]

* Unzip Immersion Mod file into
"Steam\steamapps\common\efootball PES 2021"

The "content", "livecpk" and "modules" folders must appear in the same location.

* Add to your sider.ini

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Immersion Mod 2.0"


lua.module = "CutScenes.lua"

[ pes 2021 immersion mod 2.0 file ]

watch full installation video with gameplay

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