Realism Mod


  •  It now takes players longer to return to full fitness after a match
  •  It now takes players longer to recover from injuries

Crowd Attendances:

  • Crowd Attendances now depends more on Popularity, International prestige, Domestic Prestige and Weather.
  • Crowd Attendances are now generally lower, for most games they will range from 90-95% instead of 100%, and for low important games like pre-season, they can dip down to 70%, although critical games will still usually sell out.

Award Winners:

  • Match Rating, match importance and league position are now bigger factors for winning awards.
  • Winning the Champions League now gives you a bigger chance to win Player of the Year.
  •  Where you place in the top scorers and assisters now is a bigger factor for winning Player of the Year.
  •  Changed League Modifiers to represent real life, the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga are now reasonably close with Ligue 1 behind them.

General Settings:

  • Updated Currency Conversions to represent real life.


  • There are now generally more news articles.
  • More realistic picture choice for news articles.


  • Away Games are now harder to play (for user and the AI).
  • Derby, Rival, and Important games are now much more aggressive.
  • Form factors into gameplay more,
  • Realistic match intensity gameplay is more consistent, and overall games are more intense,



  • There is now a greater difference and variation in player's form.
  • Form now represents match ratings more accurately.
  • To have really good or really bad form, you must be playing really well or really poorly.

Press Conferences and Player Conversations:

  • Players conversations now take 10 days to expire.
  • Redesigned all press conference/player conversations questions and answers.
  • Press conferences and player conversations now have a much lower impact on morale.
  • Lots of new and updated press conference questions.
  • Lots of new press conference scenarios.

GTN Scouting:

  • Scouting is now much quicker and effective in the user's league.
  • In terms of how well a scout scouts a player, the scout's level matters more now, as 5-star scouts are better, and 1-star scouts are worse (all levels have been edited).
  • In terms of how fast a scout scouts a player, the scout's level matters more now, as 5-star scouts are faster, and 1-star scouts are slower (all levels have been edited).
  • Changed amount of players scouted for reports to slow down for each level (fewer for low levels, more for higher).
  • Area Scouts are now slower, but in some instances can find more players.
  • Low-level scouts will now have a larger range for each attribute, and high-level scouts will now have a smaller range (so low-level scouts are less accurate, high-level scouts are more).
  • There is generally a much more significant difference between each level scout
  • Players now barley need to be scouted for their value to appear.
  • Players now barley need to be scouted (but more scouted then for value) for their wage to appear.
  • Time Interval for which a player is considered to have recently joined a team is now six months instead of 2.
  • Rotation players are no longer considered fringe players.
  • Scouting players during transfer windows is now quicker and more effective.
  • Auto reveal level is now higher for area scouted players.
  • Player data for fully scouted players now expires after 12 months.
  • Area scouted players will now be removed from the report after 2 months.
  • Player data for player specific scouted players will now expire after 4-12 months (depending on how much the player was scouted).
  • In order for a player to be considered famous, they must have at least 85 OVR, 11 green attributes, or 4-star international reputation.
  • When the user signs a player, that player's potential will now always change by at least one (if the player is no older than 28), but can be up to 4 if that player is very young.
  • It now costs more to sack scouts.

International Management:

  • Added a ton more national rivalries.
  • More realistic international callups.
  • Expanded the list of generic stadiums that will be used in the FIFA World Cup 2022 from 3 to 8.
  • The World Cup 2026 will be played in 5 different stadiums throughout the US and Mexico, instead of just 3 random generic ones.
  • The World Cup 2030 will be played in 7 different stadiums in England, instead of 3 generic ones.
  • For the Euro 2020, 2024, 2028 and 2032, the games will be played in a variety of 6-8 different European stadiums, which change each year, instead of 3 generic ones.
  • You are now more likely to get national job offers from the team your nationality is.
  • Uruguay and Belgium are now considered top nations.

Job Offers:

  • You now get generally more job offers.
  • The selection of teams you get offers from is now more board (more variety in selection of leagues, and more teams available too).
  • Manager wages are now higher.

Face Updates Mod

  • Added 300+ face updates to players who already had an existing face in FIFA 20.
  • Added 5+ tattoo updates.
  •  Added 3 face fixes, to fix little issues with the lighting.

Boots and Gloves Mod

  • Replaced 130+ generic, volta, outdated, and boring boots with the sleekist, newest, and in boots.
  • Replaced 15+ generic, volta, outdated, and boring goalkeeper gloves with the sleekist, newest and in goalkeeper gloves.

Gameplay Mod


  • Players now stumble and fall much more.
  • Traits have a more significant impact on gameplay.
  • Players with the "Dives Into Tackles" trait will now make more tackles.
  • Players with the "Finesse Shot" trait will now take more finesse shots.
  • Players with the "Playmaker" trait will now make more passes.
  • The AI wall now almost always jumps during free-kicks.
  • The AI wall now will charge less during free-kicks if there is 1 taker, but more if there is 2+.
  • The AI can now throw the ball further from throw-ins.
  • Players with the "Long Throw-in" trait can throw the ball even further from throw-ins.
  • Players go down easier and dive more often.
  • The AI now has more variation.

Graphics Mod

  • Updates 400+ kits with the real life designs
  • Updates 700+ banners with the real life designs
  • Updates 50+ static adboards with the real life designs
  • Replaces all the generic animated adboards with common real life ones
  • Adds 9+ new balls
  • Updates 50+ flags with the real life designs
  • 25+ team logo Updates
  • 500+ miniface Updates
  • 30+ competiton logo Updates
  • Real Pre-Season Tournaments
  • 10+ real ad sponsors
  • 35+ real tournament textures
  • 3 new real trophies
  • 30+ new real kitnumbers

Manager Faces Mod

  • Updates 20+ manager faces
  • Adds 40+ new managerfaces

New Faces Mod

  • Adds 600+ new faces for players without an existing one in default FIFA

New Menu Mod

Menu Redesigns:

  • Redesigns the main menu (letting you do much more, much more straightforward, all from just the first tab)
  • Redesigns the manager career menu (showing you everything you need to know more easily)
  • Redesigns the player career menu (showing you everything you need to know more easily)
  • Adds a new panel to the main menu (Mod Info)
  • Adds a new tab to the player career menu (Players)

All these redesigns have been made to be more functional, more info on the screen, but without looking bad and overwhelming.


  • Replaces almost all of the EA images on the main menus, for updated slicker ones


  • New warning popup with actions for transferring Players
  • Game now autosaves after simulating a match and exiting the calendar
  • New buttons at the bottom of manager and player career, letting you create an autosave, go into search player, go into edit pro and go into the calendar

Referee Faces Mod

  • Adds 22 real referee faces from across the world, mainly England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and the Netherlands

Regen Faces Mod

  • Replaces all the 1400+ default, boring youth academy/regen faces with much more realistic, high quality, diverse and unique minifaces

Tattoos Mod

  • Adds 130+ real tattoos for a wide variety of players

Turf Mod

  • Inchances the default grass, pitch, and pattern files to bring them to life, making them more 3d, in depth, and much more true to life
  • Changes the pitch colors to be much more realistic, not nessisarly as "beautiful" as other mods (they still look much more beautiful than default fifa), but much more realistic

Cameras Mod

  • New smoother tracking system
  • Wider zoom/height range
  • New freekick, penalty and goalkick cameras

No Crowd Mod

  • Removes the crowd from career mode games
  • Fantasy Kits Mods150+ fantasy kits set (1 team per set, 3-4 kits for that team) that replace the club in question's default kit with cool concept designs

Manager Outfits Mods

  • 30+ manager outfits that replace some of the clothes in career mode with club specific clothing

2020/2021 Kits Mod

  • Adds 100+ leaked and confirmed kits from the 20/21 season

Background Mods

  • Adds 420+ individual background mods for a wide variety of clubs
Menu Themes Mods
  • Almost 150 individual mods that edit the respective league's themes color scheme

TV Logos
  • Almost 40 TV Logos that replace the existing ones

Squad File

  • Adds realistic ratings for all players in the Premier League, including overalls, potentials, heights, weights, skill moves, traits, individual stats, and more!
  • Adds real team tactics for many teams
  • Adds real rosters for all Brazillian teams
  • Adds real stadium names for all teams
  • Adds real manager names of all teams
  • Adds some real referee names

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{ Frosty Mod Manager }

{ Frosty Editor }

[ All Thanks To FIFER And Team For Providing This Extraordinary Mod. ]

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